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About me

Who is she?

Teissi Aranda, is an argentinian artist and art professor who lives in Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.
Graduated from the National University of the Arts of Argentina, with a postgraduate degree in media and technologies for pictorial production, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the National University Manuel Belgrano. She was awarded for her work in Life and portrait study as well as Contemporary painting. With works now located in Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and USA, Teissi is a force to be reckoned with. She believes that art heals, that it connects you to your people.

“My preferred subject is to paint large portraits. It is very intriguing for the spectator to know who the personality is behind that portrait. The artists do not just paint people, we reveal ourselves through how we choose to portray that person. There is a deeper internal value than the image itself. Oil painting is my favorite medium. Although it takes time to dry, the paint has a magic that other materials do not have – the glazes, the shine, the different layers, the smell. All that is a treasure.”

“I have found people along the way who support me and believe in me, and that is the most important thing.”

Thanks for coming to my page, and get to know about me.

Love, Teissi.

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